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Mother-Upper: Up Your Mom Game; Kill Your Perfectionist 


I have a secret.  The thing that is in the way of you being the kick-ass mom you know you can be?  It’s you. And I don’t mean you’re not doing enough, not reading the right books or that you’re spending too much time at work.  It’s that you’re not in an unconditionally loving relationship with your imperfect self. You’ve probably heard it before: your kids don’t need you to be perfect, they just need you to be happy.  You get it…but when it feels like you’re being pulled in a thousand directions, how do you actually live it?  I can tell you it doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes a commitment to self-love and self-acceptance. And it takes support.


I’m offering a 6-month intensive group coaching experience aimed at re-connecting with yourself and putting the perfectionist to rest once and for all.  It’s a deep-dive into the things you’re yearning for as a woman and a mom and identifying the patterns, ways of being, and usual obstacles getting in your way.   I offer tools, structures and support for living your absolute best life and killing it as a mom. 


I am taking 4 powerful women on this journey with me starting January 2019.  Weekly calls, weekly practices and a commitment to supporting each other through it all.  The commitment is big, but so is the pay-off.  This offering is for moms who are finally ready to put down the guilt and step fully into their lives.


If you see something for yourself, contact me today.  I’ve got Super Early Bird coming to an end Friday December 7th and Early Bird coming to an end December 21st. 

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