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Calm Lake

Coaching & Spiritual Mentorship for
Business & Life


Hi, I'm Meghan. 


I support high-achieving entrepreneurs and professionals to create lives and businesses they love and thrive in, by healing their relationship to themselves, tending to their nervous systems and addressing their underlying fear-driven programming.


Through a combination of coaching, recovery principles and spiritual teachings, I lead women through the process of learning to surrender the uncontrollable, allowing them to create highly satisfying, spacious and prosperous lives. 


You deserve to live the truest expression of who you are. I can help.

In My Clients' Words

For several years, I've been tapping into Meghan's magic during key shifts in my life. She has an uncanny knack for coaching. A gift, really. After sessions with Meghan, I feel like my brain has been unplugged and plugged back in, but re-booted with upgraded re-frames of my previously unhelpful thoughts and assumptions. And yet, it never feels like she is "telling" me things; she just asks the right questions - with an empathy and conviction that enables me to believe that there are alternatives to whatever brick wall I'm stuck behind. Has it occurred to you that this brick wall may, in fact, have a tunnel right through it? That you can just step onto the other side of whatever supposedly immovable challenge you're facing? And then, voila, I'm forced to reckon with the fact that there was a tunnel there all along. It's sort of a truism that people who are *really* good at what they do, make it look effortless - and Meghan exemplifies this. - Mariah, 2022

Meghan is amazing! I hired her to help start my own fulfilling and prosperous coaching business. Through her coaching, I accomplished this objective PLUS MUCH MORE. I was able to unlock what was really holding me back not just in starting my business, but what has been holding me back in life to create and find fulfillment. I felt safe and secure during our calls to really open up after she dug deep in her coaching. I found things out about myself that I never knew and it created power, confidence, and drive. I left our calls feeling heard, supported, understood, better equipped to serve in my business, confident in my decision making, and empowered. From her coaching, I am a happier person, a better mom, a better friend, a better leader, a coach, and the list goes on. I highly recommend Meghan to anyone on the fence. - Rebekah Z., 1-1 Client 2022

Meghan is a brilliant coach. She has deep intuition matched with compassion, curiosity, and boldness. My goal was to focus on my relationship to spirituality- a topic which was inspiring and terrifying because it was unexplored territory for me. I wanted someone who was open to my process wherever it took us. Through her deep listening, her humor and intuition, I went to places I had never been. I now have access to ways of relating to myself and life that have deeply enriched me. - N.E., 1-1 Client 2021

Working with Meghan was a gift! She provided a space where I felt seen, supported and empowered to step into my full potential. Her coaching provided me with the confidence and vision to make a major career change. Before working with Meghan, I was letting my fears keep me playing small. After working with her, I truly believe my future is limitless and my actions are in alignment with this belief. Thank you Meghan for holding space for me so beautifully over the last year! - Jessica, Group Client

Working with Meghan has changed my life. My job, routine, family, and ethics haven’t changed, but the headspace that I carry with me everyday is much more clear, realistic, peaceful, present and reflective of who I truly am. - Jackie P. 

Almost immediately Meghan helped me know myself with a clarity I've never had in my life. Her wisdom empowered me to stand confidently in my life's purpose and provided me with the tools to work towards the life I want and deserve. - Breanne G.

Working with Meghan as a life coach has enhanced my life and has placed so much power back into my own self to accomplish what I am meant to do! Life coaching is a powerful tool and I highly recommend Meghan and I cannot thank her enough!

- Jennifer Allison

Working with Meghan was a life enhancing experience. With her guidance, I felt empowered to heal and grow in a time when I wasn’t sure I was strong enough. She gave me the tools I needed to work through hard thoughts and feelings and valued me no matter how I showed up. - JB, 1-1 Client

Meghan reminds you of everything you have to offer, helps you find your compass, and helps you to stop letting fear run the show and invisible mental barriers stop you in your tracks. - Jeni K.

I can’t remember a time where I’ve ever felt so happy and full in my life!! Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me get there. - Group Client

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