Where are you waiting for your life to happen?  Perhaps you're waiting until your kids are in school.  Until you have enough money in the bank.  Until the New Year.  Until the school year starts (aka the "real new year").  Until your partner's work schedule slows down. Until yours does. Ever notice you've been waiting for "that thing" for a while?  And now, a brand new shiny reason to wait--until this pandemic is over!


I've got some news for you that isn't going to actually be news to you at all.  Your life is now. It isn't on hold.  Not even during a pandemic. Unless you keep letting it be. 


That wise inner voice of yours that is whisper-screaming at you to make a shift--that voice is not mis-guided, and it's not lying to you.


There is a voice lying to you though.  The one telling you you're a bad mom, wife, friend, etc. None of that is true.  You're not failing at anything.  And you don't need more scented candles or wine. You don't need to lose 10 pounds or find the perfect superfood. None of that will make a difference for you if you keep ignoring that sacred voice deep within.  You're tired and run down from holding the beachball of your greatness underwater, waiting for it to be the right time to play.


If any of this is speaking to you, take a moment and truly consider these questions:

  • What would be possible for you and for your kids if you listened to and nurtured that inner voice?

  • What would shift in your life if you stopped putting time in the way?

  • What could you experience if you had the support you truly needed?

  • Who would you get to be if you practiced radical self-love and acceptance?

  • Who would your kids get to be if you modeled that for them?


What you need, what your kids need, is more of the real you, fully expressed, living from your purpose, cup running over with joy and presence, creating a life that is aligned with who you really are.


And it's really hard to create that alone.  It requires support, guidance and the love of other women.   That's what my 6-month signature group coaching program is all about.


Starting in October 8th, I will be taking on four powerful mothers who are ready to start living boldly. You get loving and rigorous coaching from me, and support and reflection from your peers, all designed to have you start listening to your inner voice and living from it, right now.


If you're hearing the call, let's explore the possibilities.  Click below to schedule a call with me.