My Story

Back in 2015 I was 34 years old, a new lawyer, newly married, and a new mom. I had been the top of my class at law school and had a phenomenal job.


And yet I was completely miserable. I didn't like the work I was doing.  I didn't fit in at work.  I felt invisible and unappreciated.  All my worth was tied up in my performance and I was constantly living in fear of messing up. 


As a result, I was overweight, drinking a bottle of wine a night, stressed, overwhelmed and, frankly, not very fun to be around.  But I felt stuck since I'd invested so much time and money into law.  Not to mention it was my identity.

And yet there was a voice that kept telling me life was short and, even though I didn't know how or what to do, something drastic needed to change.  So, I listened to that voice. I was a bright, vibrant, loving, insightful and hilarious woman.  And I started making decisions that reflected that, even if they weren't logical.  I hired a coach.  I left law, one of the bravest things I've ever done. I re-trained as a coach. I started my own business when I had a 3 month-old and a 3 year-old at home.  I completed shifted my life from auto-pilot to on purpose and for a purpose.


I now consider myself a leader, a coach and a woman who is practicing her calling.  I support my clients to see themselves as leaders and to get out there and make their difference in the world.  Unlocking my potential daily, so you might unlock yours. 

With love,