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Back in 2015 I was 34 years old, a new lawyer, newly married, and a new mom. I had been the top of my class at law school and had a highly sought-after job. I lived in a beautiful condo, in one of the most beautiful city in the world.  I had all the money I would ever need--or at least the promise of it incoming through this high-earning career.


And yet I was completely miserable. I didn't like the work I was doing.  I didn't fit in at work.  I felt invisible and unappreciated.  I was completely disconnected from my soul.  All my worth was tied up in my performance and I was constantly living in fear of messing up, being found out.   I truly thought that if I achieved enough, all of it would all resolve itself.  I'd been in a life-long battle with food and my body and alcohol, which was coming to a head, but was in complete denial about the grip it all had on me.


This pinnacle of outward success was my rock bottom. The disparity between how my life looked on the outside and how I felt inside was killing me slowly--I mean that literally.

Then, through some kind of divine intervention, I found coaching and set out on the journey of listening to the call of my heart and soul.   Slowly, I began to transform, to live more authentically, to tell myself the truth about myself.  I was living a life run on fear, which is a painful and exhausting way to live and one that required a lot of numbing and gripping to control.


As I leaned into a spiritually-guided life, rather than one powered by my own will and control, I noticed that every aspect of my life got better.  On my own, I could create mediocre results with a lot of effort.  With the ability to surrender, to let life / spirit / universe lead me, my success unfolds with ease in ways I could never imagine. 


Over the last 8 years I have gone from being driven by fear, cynicism, people-pleasing, addiction and controlling to having an abundance of surrender, time, space, grace, financial wealth, and deep self-love.


Now it is my mission to bring this magical, spiritual work to women just like you

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