Ways to Work With Me


I provide personal and professional development coaching designed to add power and possibility to your life and projects--business, leadership, career, relationships, health, big juicy creative endeavours. Here's what that can look like.  


One on One Coaching for High-Achieving Moms

This is my signature one-on-one coaching program.  Three one-hour sessions a month, and ongoing support throughout the month for you as you create your life and leadership on your terms.

The Mother Upper Experience: Live Boldly, Live Joyfully

Small group coaching designed for you to leverage community and connection in service of your personal and professional growth.   Groups are customized to the needs of the participants and are ever evolving.  Reach out to learn about my next group offering.

Clarity Sessions: One Hour Dedicated to You & Your Vision

Want to kick start an idea already in the works?  Add coaching magic to a project that is stalled?  Or maybe vision and create the next year of your life?  An hour with me will have you clear and empowered on where to next in whatever you're creating.

Executive & Leadership Coaching & Workshops

Customizable individual and group coaching and workshops for you or your teams.  Reach out to learn more.

Online Courses

Coming soon, online courses for you to complete on your own time, aimed at creating more purpose, well-being and love in your life.