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Co-Dependence & Addiction


Signs you may be co-dependent / living with an unaddressed addiction:

  • Compulsion to seek approval and acceptance from others

  • Controlling and manipulating situations to get or avoid certain results

  • Trying to control people's perception of you

  • Neglecting self-care in order to get more done

  • Knowing what is best for everyone else in your life and getting resentful and frustrated when they can't see it

  • Putting people on pedestals

  • Putting yourself on a pedestal

  • Obsessing over being on time

  • Regularly using substances like food, alcohol or screens to "take the edge" off your nervous system

  • Using shame and judgment on yourself to get yourself to be better

  • Obsessing over delivering a perfect product / service to your customers or audience

  • Saying yes when you mean no

  • Saying yes and then holding resentments as a way of maintaining power in a relationship

  • Wearing your reliability and loyalty as a badge of honor and going great lengths to avoid that reputation being tarnished

  • Lying by omission to look good or avoid looking bad

  • Controlling your kids so you don't look bad

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