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Divine Nine Procrastination Tool

Procrastination is a symptom of fear and disconnect from your highest self. The Divine Nine Tool is a daily worksheet designed to get you back to your divine self so you can go be in service to the world. 


The worksheet has four sections: What Does My Fear Need, How Will I Remember My Greatness, What Needs My Attention Today, Little Fires.

What Does Your Fear Need: What does your fear need today? Clear it out through writing, talking to a friend, ritual, prayer, etc.

How Will I Remember My Greatness: What do you know to do to remind yourself of your highest self, of your spiritual being, knowing its your ego's job to keep reminding you that you suck. 

What Needs My Attention Today:  What are your highest priorities today from a place of self-love and service to others?  What are you working on that you'd love to move forward today?  This is the big stuff, the stuff you're resisting.  The stuff that seems impossible when you're disconnected from your greatness.

Little Fires: When you're stuck with the big stuff, go and take on the little things to get your momentum back.  The emails, the phone calls, the dishwasher, watering your plants, etc.

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