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It is time for you to take back motherhood.


Mothering through a pandemic has been incredibly difficult.  But, if you're honest, there were cracks even before then.  And now, perhaps, you've been brought to your knees.

But like anything that brings us to our knees, the discomfort shows us where there is work to do.


This group coaching program is that work, the foundational work of learning what it really takes to know, love, and honor yourself as a woman and mother.


You already know the answer is not in another scented candle, yoga class, glass of wine, self-help book, podcast or even chat with a loving friend. You don't need to lose 10 pounds or find just the right superfood.


So take a moment and ask yourself these questions:

What would be possible for me and my kids if I listened to my inner knowing?

What would be possible for me and my kids if I learned to take exceptional care of myself?

What would shift in my life if I no longer got stopped by money, time or overwhelm?

What could I experience if I had the support I truly needed?

Who would I get to be if I practiced radical self-love and acceptance?

Who would my kids get to be if I modeled that for them?


What you need, what your kids need, is more of the real you, fully expressed, living from your purpose, cup running over with joy and presence, creating a life that is aligned with who you really are.


In this immersive six-month experience, you'll discover the foundations of fulfilled motherhood and learn how to implement them into your life.  Through coaching, community, accountability, love and support you'll begin to know that all of the above is possible for you--now, not someday.


It's time to start living the life you deserve.  One that is fulfilled, satisfied and joyful--no matter the age of your children. 


Are you curious?  Let's chat about the possibility.


Our journey begins first week of April.

Now accepting applications.

Group Testimonials

Working with Meghan provided a structure to really examine my core beliefs, and how they might be limiting me. I became aware of my role in my life in very new ways. Sarah, 2021 Participant

Meghan is so tactful when she delivers "hard to swallow" truths about someone. She has pushed me to make some really big life changes in a very short amount of time. JM, 2020 Participant

This experience provided so many amazing answers to questions I never knew I had. I will be forever grateful to the force that lead me to this group of powerful women. The 6 month experienced helped fill in the blanks in my life by directing me to live a life of essence and purpose by providing me tools to live a stronger, healthier life; personally, professionally & spiritually. - Jillian, 2020-2021 Participant

Working with Meghan was transformational for me. As a career mom, I was feeling out of alignment with my purpose and passions, and burnt out from trying to do it all. Meghan provided the guidance, support and tools I needed to provide me with clarity and confidence on my working-mom journey. Her coaching helped me rediscover my power and authenticity, allowing me to show up in my life with greater purpose and fulfillment. - Jessica, 2020-2021 Participant

This process provided me with hope that life is full of possibilities beyond my exhausted depleted state and it boosted my confidence to begin making choices and actions that rejuvenate me and move me towards a more joyful existence.  Elizabeth 2021 Participant

It's been a big eye opener in so many ways. Learning how to love myself and forgive myself has been invaluable; the change of mindset is very liberating. SP, 2020 Participant

"I can’t remember a time where I’ve ever felt so happy and full in my life!! Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me get there." - Group Client

I knew I wanted something more for my life, but I hadn't pinpointed exactly what. Meghan helped me to figure out which part of my life needed the most attention, then offered consistent, personalized support to help me commit more deeply to myself. Her various perspective-shifting tools have given me much deeper insight into the way I have been operating and why, and empowered me to reinvent those patterns.  Nicky, 2020-2021 Participant