To me, Divine Motherhood is and experience of motherhood where you are connected to your greatness, your light and your purpose.  Motherhood becomes a fertile ground to heal and grow, rather than something to manage, control and survive. 


From this place, life as mother truly becomes a journey full of joy, love and discovery.  

In this full day retreat, we will explore what it means to integrate spirituality into your experience of motherhood, what could be possible for you, and how to start down that path. 


The day includes a guided meditation to set the tone for the day, a morning workshop introducing the concept of spirituality in motherhood, a lunch break where you will start to explore your own experience, an afternoon workshop where we begin to integrate the work, and finally a delicious and divine movement class designed to integrate the learning into our bodies.


The day will be full of connection, love, authenticity, play and learning.  It will nourish your soul and leave you ready to bring more joy and peace into your mothering experience. 

Please note that I am in the pacific time zone, but thanks to the virtual nature of the retreat, all time zones welcome!