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Young Boys Racing Wearing Watermelon Helmets

Ok, so you've seen the word joy come up A LOT on this page.  You might be asking yourself, does this lady truly believe that a life without pain is possible? No, I don't believe that.  Pain is inevitable, it's real, and it's...painful.  But pain is also beautiful and informative and, if you let it be, transformative. 

What I do believe is that a life without suffering is possible.  And that our suffering is created by the stories we tell ourselves about the world (remember the one I had about worthwhile things being hard?)

The good news is you can change the story and redefine the game.  And that's where the magic lies.


This is what joy means to me:



Honest conversations

Being wrong

Forgiving myself

Forgiving others

Playing the game



Embracing the chaos

Finding perfection in whatever comes my way

Letting go of control

Play (yes, it's so important I said it twice)

Are you ready to find your joy?

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