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Quitting Pressing Snooze On Your Life

I love hitting snooze. Just 9 more minutes. Then I’ll be ready. This shows up in my mornings, and it shows up in my life too.

As Soon As I…

As soon as I get that next client, as soon as we paint the house, as soon as I lose 10 pounds, as soon as we pay off that debt, as soon as the kids grow up and move out…

Then I Can…

Then I can stop and enjoy success, enjoy a relaxing weekend, be at peace with my body, feel satisfied, write that book.

In other words, as soon as I feel like I’ve done enough then I’ll get to enjoy living life as though I’m enough.

If I’m Already Enough, Then What?

What if I just decided I was already enough, as so many Instagram gurus implored me to do? Surely my business would stagnate, my house would fall apart, I’d continue to be stuck in a body I can’t love and I’d be broke. Bubble baths and vulnerable blog posts ain’t gonna pay the bills. At least that’s the story I told myself.

Not Enough is What Has You Hitting Snooze On Feeling Enough

“Enough” had been the stick I use to beat myself into creating the results I wanted in life—more money, more comfort, more love, more peace of mind. It’s what got me through law school, it’s the way I dated before I was married and it’s put a down payment on my house. It’s a pretty darned effective strategy, really.

But the one result that continued to elude me from this strategy was that feeling of deep worthiness, fulfillment and satisfaction. A feeling of savouring each and every moment of this precious life. I kept hitting snooze on that deep longing—just one more thing, ok just one more, just a little more money, ok but this one thing is REALLY the key, then I’ll stop and smell the flowers—snooze, snooze, snooze.

It’s the ultimate either / or scenario: Fulfillment OR results. Self-love OR money. And predictably, when we believe this is true, most of us choose results over fulfillment and money over self-love.

Fulfillment & Self-Love = Results

Here’s the secret: you can actually have both. You can choose it. I’m committed to creating daily fulfillment and satisfaction on purpose AND from there creating results that are in further service of that. When I stop hitting snooze, it can be “both / and”. When the most important result I’m playing for is a brilliant life, today, the other results follow with ease.

You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

The truth is I haven’t cured myself of this old way of being. Each time I set my bar a little higher, my inner snoozer gets triggered. When I set my next big juicy goal, my go-to is to put it before everything else. I tell myself I’m not good enough, I’m not ready, I’ll be ready when, I must sacrifice my well-being and my joy while I get this one next big thing complete. Then I can enjoy life again.

It’s perfect because I’m called to lean into the new way of being, to practice it, to mess it all up and choose it again, to take it to my coach, and to get supported. At each new level I get to keep choosing it. It’s uncomfortable as hell. But a life on the edge of my comfort zone, it’s my sweet spot.

Taking My Hand Off Snooze

This article, and many like it, has been on my list forever. I love expressing myself through writing. Showing the world a bit of my brilliance, so they can access their own. And in the face of my bigger vision, it gets bumped down the list. I’ve forgotten again that the bigger vision must include radical self-love and expression as its foundation. I’ve been hitting snooze hard.

Writing this article is an act of defiance against that old crappy story. This is me stopping to smell the roses, savouring the journey, and trusting it will bring me one step closer to the vision I’m creating.

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