Life & Leadership. By Design.


Hi, I'm Meghan.  I'm passionate about supporting high-achieving women to create purposeful, joyful and fully satisfying lives.


I am a lawyer-turned-coach, professional-turned-entrepreneur, and head-turned-heart.  I am a mom of two, a lover of nature, and can be a bit of a potty mouth. 


I am committed to a world where people understand their worth and power and live satisfied, fulfilled and joyful lives. 


In My Clients' Words

"Working with Meghan has changed my life. My job, routine, family, and ethics haven’t changed, but the headspace that I carry with me everyday is much more clear, realistic, peaceful, present and reflective of who I truly am." - Jackie P. 

"Working with Meghan as a life coach has enhanced my life and has placed so much power back into my own self to accomplish what I am meant to do! Life coaching is a powerful tool and I highly recommend Meghan and I cannot thank her enough!"

- Jennifer Allison

"Meghan reminds you of everything you have to offer, helps you find your compass, and helps you to stop letting fear run the show and invisible mental barriers stop you in your tracks." - Jeni K.

"Almost immediately Meghan helped me know myself with a clarity I've never had in my life. Her wisdom empowered me to stand confidently in my life's purpose and provided me with the tools to work towards the life I want and deserve." - Breanne G.

"I can’t remember a time where I’ve ever felt so happy and full in my life!! Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me get there." - Group Client

"Working with Meghan was a life enhancing experience. With her guidance, I felt empowered to heal and grow in a time when I wasn’t sure I was strong enough. She gave me the tools I needed to work through hard thoughts and feelings and valued me no matter how I showed up." - JB, 1-1 Client