Life & Leadership. By Design.

Hi, I'm Meghan.  I'm passionate about supporting high-achieving moms to create purposeful, joyful and fully satisfying lives.


I am a lawyer-turned-coach, professional-turned-entrepreneur, and head-turned-heart.  I am a mom of two, a lover of nature, and can be a bit of a potty mouth. 


I am committed to unlocking possibility in the world, one conversation at a time.



I didn’t know what a life coach was when I met Meghan. As someone who made a living by trying to demonstrating intangible value to my clients, I understood that value is sometimes a difficult thing to quantify and so I thought that I would give her a chance. I am very pleased that I did.

I said that I didn’t know what a life coach was when I met Meghan. If I’m being totally honest, I’m still not 100% certain but like scientists and gravity, I may not know exactly what life coaching is but I can see the effects of it on a daily basis.

The best I could come up with to describe the work that Meghan and I are doing is through an analogy; I think that a life coach is like a map. If you don’t know where you want to go a map is pretty useless – I guess you could stare at it for a while and just pick a place, but that is a little random for me. However, if you can put in the preparation work and decide where you want to go a map becomes invaluable. 

Now, of course, you don’t just look at a map once and then put it away. You use it to check that you’re still on the path you thought you were on, if you hit road blocks you can use it to find an alternative route, just having the map will make you feel more secure in starting the journey in the first place. The map itself doesn’t do any of this work for you, you have to do the work, the map is just a very useful tool.

Thank you for being my invaluable map Meghan. - AS